About us

Rólunk: Ki az a Tom KOndor Band?
Captivating melodies, cool ‘n’ hard rock music about profound emotions spiced with a little romance and passion; this is the musical world of Tom Kondor Band. Featuring ageless songs of hard rock from world-famous and popular performers, the repertoire of the band comprises covers from the 50s to music of our times enriched by the own songs of the founder Tom Kondor.

The History

Besides being good friends, members of the band share a long history of playing together as session musicians and guest performers at various musical events. The idea for the current lineup emerged in 2010 after an impromptu performance of one of Tom’s songs while brewing beer together. The idea, along with the beer, fermented and the band has claimed its place as a key performer of major local events thanks to the fantastic atmosphere guaranteed at their concerts.

The Music

Their sound and message were formulated together; ‘You can only claim to have found your true voice after trying everything in music.’ says Tom Kondor.

This voice of the band is characterised by guitar-centric sound. Reasonably raw sounds with very little effects highlight the pure and characteristic nature of instruments. The songs supported by three-part vocals are played absolutely live without any machines involved. Tom Kondor Band is pure live music.

Professional approach of not exerting themselves to play songs note by note derives from personalities of the five members, experience of many years and their high degree of musical humility. Covers are intentionally re-interpreted and played to their taste. This is how the audience is given something that defies imitation; something truly unique.

The ability to adapt arrangements of instruments to the songs performed makes the band special; two keyboards for playing more complex arrangements or two guitars for authentic sound of guitar-centric songs. The band is capable of playing with a limited volume using a drum machine or with an acoustic programme.
The ever increasing, even up to 6-hour repertoire of Tom Kondor Band includes performers like Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Genesis, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 and also Hungarian artists. This setlist is brought to fullness with the masterpieces of composer Tom Kondor.

Tom Kondor, founder and front man

The songs of lead vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player Tom Kondor provide a deep insight into his love life and thoughts. Having composed musicals and soundtracks of dance performances, written songs and lyrics, played in many bands, accompanied celebrities and even sung in a rock opera, he has an absolutely rich musical history.

‘I consider myself lucky because after playing in so many bands, I have found the people who have become my best friends; the ones I can trust to play my songs, which I had never been able to do before’ said Tom honestly.

The band members developed their skills in absolutely various genres of music and demonstrated their abilities accompanying renowned Hungarian performers like Keresztes Ildikó, Majsai Gábor, Auth Csilla, Tóth Vera and Török Ádám.

  • Tom Kondor – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Composing, Songwriting
  • Gyurácz Zoltán – Guitars, Vocals
  • Kusztor Gergely – Bass

The Objectives

Although Tom Kondor Band would be happy to be famous inland, Tom and the boys are currently based in Szombathely. Their plan is to tour the West-Transdanubian region and Austria from this base. They are also planning to release an album of their songs in the near future, should the opportunity arise.

What Only Our Friends Know about Us

‘We brew one hell of beer!’ said Németh Ádám about themselves. ‘Ádám brews one hell of coffee, Gyurci manufactures excellent custom drumsticks and Kuszi’s beautiful. restorations can be seen at the museum. That’s a true craft band.’ This is how the specialities of the band are summarised by Gyurácz Zoltán.